Clipper Fade


You’ll always look polished with a clipper fade. It’s a no-fuss, easy hairstyle for the guy who likes to wash and go, while looking fresh every day. A timeless men’s haircut that works on all hair types, it’s perfect for naturally textured hair.

Kept short and tight at the neck and sides, the length gradually gets longer and is blended up to create length at the top of the head. A free-handed clipper cut can easily be customized—there are endless variations possible.

All face shapes can wear a clean fade. Squaring at the nape of the neck makes a long neck look proportionate. Rounding at the nape elongates a shorter neck.

Guys should have their fade haircut trimmed up every 2-3 weeks. Whether fine or thick textured hair, keep it looking put together with regular maintenance. Using styling oil helps keep the scalp and hair moisturized and shiny.

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