Blended Layers


Soft, shattered layers were cut to create a blended look that isn’t choppy. Side fringe is cut just long enough to be styled off to the side or tucked behind the ear, for versatility.

This has become a popular cut because of the versatility of the shape. When you place lighter highlights over the surface and around the face you achieve an amazing amount of dimension in the color. Tuck the hair back to really show off your facial features.

Long layers are soft around the outline of the haircut shape. The ends are cut with a point-cutting technique. The fringe is kept long and can be tucked back to open up the shape of the face.

All face shapes can wear this modern cut, because the length can be tailored to fit each person’s style, and it works well with all hair types and textures. No matter what hair type you have, investing in the right salon product and a good round brush will always make styling easier.

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